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Video Killed the Radio Star

Video Killed the Radio Star

Drones. Not a new concept by any means but something now tangible to the everyday Joe, with a few spare dollars, a keen interest in flying and wanting to capture their surroundings. Soaring well above buildings, land and ocean producing amazing footage. (maybe even flying over the neighbours’ fence to frighten the dog who loves the sound of his bark all day long!)

We are now well cemented into this millennium, eighteen years in. The buzz surrounding drones and the potential to create positive outcomes for people and businesses alike is now something everyone is starting to converse about and pay more attention to.

The popular Mavic Pro DJI

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Commercial Construction and the Drone.

So how does all this drone hype fit into the Commercial Building world you ask? Well imagine if we could conduct site surveys, site inspections and track the progress of a project in real time? For example, think of the time saved if drones could be used when it is time for the client to make a progress payment on their project, instead of making an appointment for an evaluation to take place, a drone could relay 3D images and aerial photos almost instantly, saving time for both client and builder. Remote job sites could be monitored more closely and save driving/ flying time for all involved (especially the site supervisor clocking up those km’s on the brand new work ute!)

Contractor overseeing construction works on site with a drone.

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From a builder’s point of view a drone would only prove to save time, money and minimize the potential issues, improve safety and deliver real time accuracy.

Playing by the Rules

Now, like all things, drones are regulated and their use in commercial circumstances require registration and abiding by laws. A drone under 2kg may not require a licence but the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is the regulating body who can tear up your licence or fine you for not following the rules.

**Want to know more about obtaining your licence and flying a drone. Click the link to CASA below

2018 and beyond

Innovative ideas that improve productivity and are shown to be cost effective will no doubt be adopted by small business right through to large corporations. We are all rapidly moving with the times and there is no limit to new ideas and machines people can dream up and create. The next ten years in commercial construction might see robots on site!

Keeping up with the times is important to business growth and everyone loves a snazzy invention, but let’s all just take a moment of silence to remember the good times with our old video cameras and all other cameras that will be thrown into the bottom of some draw never to see the light of day.

Video killed the radio star, will the rise of the drones’ stomp on the small flickering light of our humble cameras?

Undoubtedly, YES.