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Tip – 10 traits of a good Commercial Construction Project Manager.

Tip – 10 traits of a good Commercial Construction Project Manager.

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  1. Good Communication.

A trait we all need in both our personal and work lives, but how does poor communication affect the construction world? GREATLY!

Time, money, work relationships are all affected when the communication is lacking. A good Project Manager should be able to deliver clear instructions to Trades, and be able to report back to upper management as well as office support staff. The importance of relaying accurate information to Contractors and other staff is paramount to a smooth, on time project. No one wants a major delay in a commercial build and no Builder wants to be throwing away money at unnecessary bills which come from poor communication. Recording work carried out during a day on site into a diary/ day sheets is a good way to retain information without the stress of relying on our aging memory!

  1. Excellent Time Management.

Being two, three, even four steps ahead throughout a whole commercial build process will eliminate the last minute rush to get things finished off. Knowing and planning the next stages of construction is important, especially when certain materials/ products take time to manufacture or deliver to site. Also, scheduling the nominated Contractors and letting them know in advance when they are required on site. In the construction world, this does not mean one phone call or email unfortunately with some Trades. Touching base regularly with the Trades to double check their workload and if it is still on schedule with your timeline is important as they most likely have other work on the go at the same time and will need to manage their time.

  1. Multi task

Being able to take phone calls, reply to emails, answering Trades questions, whilst reading Specifications and Architectural drawings is a daily occurrence as a Project Manager. If you can do all this without losing your cool, you are made for this type of job!

Perth Commercial Builders

  1. Dealing with Stressful Situations Calmly.

Speaking of losing your cool, the most successful and long lasting Commercial Construction Project Manager will always be calm, yet assertive, and lead the pack should he need too. A calm, level head goes along way when there are issues on site, expected deliveries have not arrived, different opinions on the task at hand and 50 tradies working on top of each other on a hot day!

  1. Knowledge of All Aspects of Construction

Even though it cannot be expected by a Project Manager to know each and every aspects of each and every discipline, a sound knowledge of the types of work carried out is very desirable and helpful. Knowing the expected outcome and an understanding on how to achieve the outcome will help spot any issues early. This can prove so valuable to time and cost on a commercial project.

  1. Able to Read and Understand Architectural Plans & Specifications

A must. Enough said.

  1. Fitness

Now no one is asking for an elite athlete here, but being light on your feet might help how those feet feel at the end of the day. Although there is a notion that most Construction Project Managers drive around all day from site to site, having a yarn and then taking off again, which may be true for some, but if the job is being done right, there is a lot of onsite action required. Be hands on, strong and fit are definitely good traits to have as a Project Manager.

  1. Excellent Problem Solving Skills

Project Managers cannot ignore issues on a construction site. Works that aren’t completed according to the plans and specifications provided will not be deemed satisfactory at client handover and will run the risk of not being signed off. Addressing problems as they arise is important, often Managers will need to think on their feet and resolve issues before they become bigger concerns, whilst also being cost effective.

  1. Punctual

Another must. No one wants to hear “sorry, slept through my alarm” and “I thought the meeting was at 10am not 9.30am” etc etc.

  1. Attention to Detail.

Neatness, precision, cleanliness and a little bit of perfectionism will see exceptional project results being produced and something to be proud of at the end. Think straight lines, smooth finishes and clean edges.

Perth Commercial Builders

(Buildcom Construction’s site supervisor overseeing the concrete carpark pour on a Commercial Showroom project.)

Now this is not an entire list, or in order of importance, just some of the attributes a Commercial Construction Project Manager should possess. A good Manager on a construction site is often the driving force behind delivering a completed project On Time, On Budget, On Point.