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FROM THE INSIDE – A closer look at commercial fit-out

Appearances matter, from the outside right through to the inside, we all form opinions based on what we see, we can’t help it, it’s human nature after all!


The importance of getting your “appearance” right for your business is paramount. Your brand, how you are delivering your product and your overall perception to the public, needs to be considered. Even the productivity of your staff is linked to a to a well-executed interior fit-out. Sounds all too much? It really isn’t, let’s take a more detailed look.




Evaluation. Nothing should begin without a “sit down and plan” session. Whether you are looking to revamp or extent an existing space or if it is a complete new build, decisions and smart, careful planning should always take place. Considering your business needs, currently and into the near future is important. Some point to contemplate may be;

  • Current number of staff and future staff. Should you require to add to your payroll, this may mean more offices, larger kitchenette/ staff meeting rooms.
  • What will occupy each space? Will some areas just be for storage? Will other areas be accessed by clients?
  • A single story or two?  An upstairs office would allow for a more private client meeting and it would most likely add value to your premises.

Once you have assessed the basics it may be easier to visualize the type of space needing to be designed.




Commercial fit-outs can become costly, depending on materials used and, for example, how many spaces/ offices need creating.

Budgeting is another area which needs attention before any works begin. Planning a fit-out above your means is time wasting so having a monetary figure to work to is important before taking further steps.




The fun part! Glazing, partitioning, flooring, paint colours, window coverings, cabinetry – just to name a few, are all part of bringing a space together. Things to consider are your company brand, brand colours, style and also creating that ” wow” factor. A stand out, but inviting reception should be considered important as it is the first point of call for your visitors/ clients.

Another part of the design of your space should be based around functionality and efficiency. Easy accessible bathrooms, filing/ photocopier rooms to be in close proximity to each other for staff needing to access these areas numerous times a day.




There have been numerous studies done in relation to staff productivity and their work environment. Access to light, fresh air, open spaces, ease of interaction with colleagues, even wall colour, all play a vital part in decreasing or enhancing the mood and productivity of employees.

Designing small, artificially-lit, no access to fresh air type of office can “dim” the creativity or mood of staff (and you!). Incorporating, for example, frosted glass partitioning between offices, gives privacy but also does not completely “close off” an employee to the rest of the workplace.

A relaxed kitchenette/ lunch room separated from the “work” area would also give staff the feeling of actually retreating and being able to have break.

It’s not rocket science, happy staff definitely equals productivity!



Being creative, using your space to the best of its advantage and considering all the above points, an impressive work space can really come to fruition.

At Buildcom we pride ourselves in not building “concrete boxes”. We aim to deliver turn-key projects and work closely with our clients to produce the best fit-out that not only suits your business needs but also adds value and building to be proud of.

Get in touch and find out why Buildcom Construction should be your only choice and how we can help reach your fit-out goals and business potential.