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Confessions of a Site Supervisor

Well to be honest, reads more like an interview but the “confessions” part caught your interest, right?

We sit down with our Site Supervisor for a few questions about his day and what he really gets up to and what he loves about his job.

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Q. What is it that you love most about your position?

A. Hearing my alarm go off at 5am! Seriously though, I love being able to see the development in the final stages, when it is all coming together. Oh, and I get to drive around in the latest Holden Colorado ute!


Q. Okay, now be honest, what is the worst part of being a commercial construction site supervisor?

A. Hearing my alarm go off at 5am! Summer is fine. Winter not so awesome.


Q. Who are the hardest tradies to get to site on time?

A. Hmmm, well, all our trades are reliable and hardworking but if I had to pick one contractor who I maybe had to ring twice or three times it would be the Electrician, but he’s a top bloke and he is “always on the way”!


Q. Is it true that all tradies live on choc milk and meat pies for breakfast?

A. Yes!


Q. How many projects do you handle at any one time?

A. Buildcom had seven large- scale developments on the go at one time recently. It seems daunting but being organised helps and keeping two steps ahead of what is required on each project is important.


Q. What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into commercial construction as a supervisor?

A. If you have a passion for construction, ability to prioritise, thick skin, ability to handle being out in the elements, enjoy working with people, dealing with stressful situations and don’t mind being up early, then I say go for it! The job can be hard work but it is rewarding and I really enjoy it!


Q. How many “smokos” do most tradies take in a day?

A. Probably five smokos lasting half an hour each? (laughs). No, just kidding, most guys just want to get the work done. In and out. The usual couple of breaks a day maybe one extra for the smokers!


Q. Finally, what is the most annoying thing your boss does?

A. (laughs) Can’t answer that! I won’t have a boss if I answer that question. (laughs). Can’t say anything negative about the crew I work with at Buildcom. We all have a laugh and get along well whilst getting the job done.

commercial builders perth