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Concrete Tilt Panel vs Wall Cladding


Images– concrete panels constructed by Buildcom Construction

There is some history showing that Concrete tilt panels was used to construct buildings during the Roman Empire days. In today’s commercial construction world, it is the most preferred way of construction should the site permit. In construction the key to a successful builder is ensuring they provide the client the best product available whilst balancing the cost and time frame.

Concrete tilt panel construction  has many advantages compared to other building materials that can be used. We list a few items to consider:

Onsite Manufacture – formwork also known as box shutters are formed on the slab and /or blinding slab. The formwork allows for door and window openings and is shaped to fit the design of the building.

Aesthetics – As the panels are not pre-fabricated, the builder can custom design each panel to the client or Architects desire. The texture, wall colour finish, grooves and curves can all be constructed onsite.

Construction Timeline – the builder has full control over the site and manufacturing process. Any time delays would be mostly due to weather but there are no transport delays.

Maintenance – there is very little maintenance other than your general cleaning or wash down. The painting can be re-done at any time client desire. Concrete is generally unaffected by insects so this is usually a non-issue.

Operating costs – concrete can reduce the heating and cooling costs for the user due to the insulation that it provides.

Insurance – the insurance premium may be less due to concrete’s durability and the and being able to withstand strong weather conditions as well as the excellent fire rating they can provide.


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Over time there has been many innovative construction materials being brought to the market. Each material used bring their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice of product comes down to the most cost effective and time efficient product that is also sustainable.

Wall Cladding has also been a very popular choice of building material for the different aesthetics it can bring to a building.

Here are some of the benefits of wall cladding:

Manufacture – the product is manufactured offsite, the client and or builder will need to select the colour tone before manufacture.

Aesthetics – there are many colour shades to choose from and can sometimes look more aesthetically pleasing than ordinary paint colours on concrete panels. This comes down to personal taste.

Construction Timeline – these products are manufactured offsite and custom cut to the lengths required so this does not need to be done onsite which would save time and costs. It’s vital a contractor who is familiar with the manufacturers specification is used to install onsite to ensure maximum efficiency.

Material – main material is steel. If the commercial or industrial project is located within a marine area, it is vital you speak with the manufacturers to ensure you purchase the right product for your needs.

Operating Costs– during summer the low thermal helps the steel cool down quicker if not in direct sunlight, the lighter the shade should assist in keeping the area cooler. In the winter months, if correctly insulated will keep the heat inside the building.

Insurance – all cladding systems must comply with Australian Standards and can be Cyclone proof for specific areas. Each insurer may value the materials used in construction differently, so it would be important to check with your insurer before you begin.

 There are many building materials that can be used when constructing a commercial building. When the right Building Company and Architectural Designer is chosen for your project, they can provide you with the best options for your business needs that are within your budget and schedule. It is important to consider the life of the product and the ongoing maintenance costs involved, your builder should be able to provide you with the pros and cons of your chosen material to help you make the most informative decision.

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