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Buy v’s Build


Okay, so I know what you are thinking, here is a building company talking about whether or not you should build your own premises or buy an established one. Well, it is a “no brainer” that we would recommend to build, but we have a good argument! Let’s take a closer look at each scenario.



When shopping around for a commercial office/ warehouse, there is an advantage of not having to wait to see what the finished product will look like and generally speaking you could move in right away, but do these positives outweigh the not so positive?

When buying an established commercial Perth property you have to evaluate if it is the right fit for your business and whether you are making the right decision in the long run with your purchase. A few points to consider may be;

*Does it represent your business image the way in which you would like? A building façade and overall appearance can really deliver a certain impression. We all want the “wow” factor and to be proud of our work space and surroundings.

*Are you located in your preferred industrial/ commercial precinct, or are you just settling for an area due to the price point?

*Are you paying too much for an older building? Buying an established premise often means you are “paying off” someone else’s investment!

* Is there any hidden issues with the established commercial building? Electrical issues? Water leaks? These defects can be hard to detect which will become your problem after settlement.

* Making an established premise comfortable may require a bit of work too. Replacing old carpets, patching and painting dirty, damaged walls and just sprucing up the place takes time and extra money.




Leaping into a building contract with a construction company may seen daunting, time consuming and expensive but it really can be a positive and very rewarding experience (not to mention addictive, trust us you will want to build another when you are done!).

What are the major advantages of building your own office warehouse? Let’s list a few;

* Your building, your way. Size, style, fit-out – is all designed to suit your budget and taste.

*It can be stress free. The builder can take care of all council requirements, architectural plans, engineering drawings and everything in between. You really can be as actively involved as you like, or have it all taken care of for you.

*It is exciting. From purchasing your own piece of vacant land to watching each part of construction take place is very rewarding.

*Rather than buy established, building can prove to a be sound financial investment.

*Usually land for commercial developments pop up in new, bustling commercial/ industrial zones. What’s not to love about being situated in a highly sought-after new precinct.



No matter your choice, whether to buy established or build, Buildcom Construction can help with both. No we aren’t real estate agents, but we do have a lot of knowledge of the Perth commercial and industrial areas and which precincts are value for money and how we can give you your best return.

If you are leaning more towards building your own space, then look no further as Buildcom Construction is one of Perth’s leading tilt-up construction company’s who will be able to provide you with a turn-key solution to fit your budget.

From conception to hand-over, Buildcom has the experience, knowledge and the finest Perth sub-contractors to bring your development to life. No matter the size of type of commercial build, we pride ourselves on delivering all our projects On Time, On Budget & On Point.

Get in touch today for a no obligation chat about your possible project.