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Building Permit in Commercial Construction

Once the DA has been approved, the second step is Building Permit. At this step your Builder will most likely engage with a Building Surveyor. They will ensure the final plans being submitted to Council are correct, meet Australian Standards, complete energy efficiency reporting and ensure submission has been made to FESA.

It is important to note that the best option to obtain Building Permit is to engage a Building Surveyor for a Certified Application. This method (provided all relevant documentation is included) will ensure approval will be issued in 10 working days.

Prior to obtaining a Building Permit, the following process should be followed for class 2-9 Buildings, Commercial Buildings.

Below is a flow chart of the process:

Certified process

Below are links for checklists created by MSA BCA Consultants:

MSA Cert for Design Compliance

MSA Commercial Buildings Requirements

Once the Building Permit is issued the wait is over and it’s time to turn that soil!

tilt up panels

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