DLP Phase

Initiation of the Defects Liability Period:

  • The defects liability period typically begins upon substantial completion of the project, which is when the client takes possession or beneficial occupancy of the completed building or facility.
  • The specific duration of the defects liability period is defined in the contract between the client and the contractor. It commonly ranges from 6 months to 1 year after substantial completion, although it can vary depending on project size and complexity.

Defect Identification:

  • During the defects liability period, the client and their representatives conduct inspections to identify any defects, deficiencies, or issues in the completed project.
  • The client documents identified defects and notifies the contractor in writing, specifying the nature and location of each issue.

Contractor’s Responsibility:

  • Upon receiving notification of defects, the Buildcom is responsible for promptly addressing and rectifying the identified issues within the defects liability period.
  • Each Sub-Contractor may inspect the reported defects to verify their validity and determine the appropriate course of action for rectification.
  • Buildcom coordinates with subcontractors, suppliers, and other relevant parties to resolve defects in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Rectification Works:

  • Buildcom carries out rectification works to correct the identified defects according to the contractual obligations and industry standards.
  • Rectification works may involve repair, replacement, or reinstallation of defective components, materials, or systems.
  • Buildcom ensures that rectification works are completed to the client’s satisfaction and in compliance with project specifications.

Verification and Inspection:

  • After completing rectification works, the Buildcom notifies the client or their representatives to conduct verification and inspection of the repaired defects.
  • The client verifies that the rectification works have been performed satisfactorily and that the defects have been adequately addressed.
  • If additional defects are identified during the verification process, the contractor is notified to rectify them accordingly.

Documentation and Closeout:

  • Buildcom maintains detailed records of defect notifications, rectification works, inspections, and any related communications throughout the defects liability period.
  • Upon completion of all rectification works and verification by the client, the contractor submits a final report documenting the resolution of defects.
  • The defects liability period concludes upon the expiration of the agreed-upon timeframe, after which the contractor’s liability for defects ceases.

Final Acceptance and Release:

  • Once all defects have been satisfactorily rectified and verified, the client formally accepts the completed project and releases the contractor from further liability for defects.
  • The client issues a formal notice of final acceptance, acknowledging that the project has met the contractual requirements and is fit for its intended purpose.
  • Any outstanding payments or retention amounts owed to the contractor are settled upon final acceptance and release.

Post-Defects Liability Support:

  • Following the conclusion of the defects liability period, the contractor may continue to provide warranty support or assistance to address any latent defects or issues that may arise after the warranty period.
  • The client may engage in ongoing maintenance and facility management to ensure the long-term performance and integrity of the completed project.