Case Study...

Overhead Gantry Crane

Office Workshop with 20t Overhead Gantry Crane

Industry: Industrial Commmercial
Location: Henderson, WA
Square Metres: 2300m2
Project Length: 6 months
Value of Construction: $1.8m
Project Description:

Buildcom Construction had been contracted by developer Alcom Properties to deliver a purpose built project for a world-wide tenant. Our client required a Commercial Builder with the capacity to complete construction within a 6 month time period. The tenant’s specific design requirements consisted of a 20t overhead gantry crane with a 32m span. The concrete panels were required to be 12m in Height to ensure a 9m operating height beneath the hook of the crane.

Customised Solution:

The standard height for warehouse concrete panels range between 7-9m in height, we manufactured the 12m H concrete panels onsite using shutter boards, this enabled us to monitor the finish after each pour and achieve faster erection times without the need of transport or risk of damaging panels during transport. The project consisted of 120t of steel to support the frame and ensure structural stability with the 32m span without the need for steel columns. Buildcom Construction successfully completed and delivered the project within the 6 month time frame.


Through the coordinated efforts of our sub contractors & suppliers, this project was completed on time and on budget. The client was impressed with attention to detail and overall design of the building.