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Industry: Commercial
Location: Bunbury
Square Metres: 2844m2
Project Length: Demolition complete in two weeks
Value of Construction:
Project Description:

Buildcom was contracted by a private client for this Design and Construct project located in Bunbury, WA.

The site had an existing office/ warehouse which was aging and was beyond repair.

The demolition included the following;

  • Removal of asbestos
  • Demolition of the existing building
  • Removal of concrete slab
  • Removal of bitumen
  • Removal of kerbing
  • Removal of soakwells
Customised Solution:

The client did not want all the structures removed. A shed to the rear of the property was to remain. Buildcom had to ensure that there was no damage to the remaining structure whilst carrying out the demolition in close proximity. Most of the site was cleared and brought back to a blank canvas to begin the design and construct.


The benefits of a demolition;

  • Two new modern showrooms were constructed by Buildcom, which “caught the eye” of a major retailer looking for a long term lease.
  • A site can be transformed to give a better financial return.
  • Better utilisation of the site as w whole.



The client engaged Buildcom Construction from demolition to hand-over as they wanted it to be to managed as a whole process, from decommissioning septics, disconnecting services to levelling the site. The client was very pleased with Buildcom and the two week timeframe in which it took to complete the demolition.

Construction began immediately after, which allowed for the whole project to be completed in a timely manner.