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Concrete Floor Finishes

Concrete Floor Finishes

Industry: Commercial
Location: Bunbury
Square Metres: 1795m2
Project Length: 6 months
Value of Construction:
Project Description:

Slab on ground is the most common type of floor base in commercial construction and can even have an unlimited life span if designed and constructed correctly, the longevity of the concrete floor also depends on how the area is utilised by the occupier of the premises.

All concrete floors are designed to withhold a certain amount of weight per square meter eg; 125mm thickness has an imposed load of 500kg/m2, it is important to understand what your load bearing capacity is to avoid damage from incorrect use such as operating heavy machinery etc.

An example of how a concrete floor slab should be prepped before pouring is shown below:

Commercial construction perth

Buildcom has recently been contracted to build the new Toolmart store in Bunbury. We have been able to achieve a flawless concrete finish by ensuring we follow our customised solution for each project.

The image below shows the Toolmart concrete slab after the pour and how all concrete slabs should be finished:

Commercial construction perth

Experienced concreters are key to obtaining the Buildcom flawless finish.

Customised Solution:

To ensure the longevity of concrete the following steps should be completed:

  • Foundation preparation
  • Compacting
  • Correct amount of water is used
  • Vibration of concrete on placement
  • Ensuring correct curing times are followed

To ensure a smooth concrete floor finish is achieved some of the steps are listed below:

  • Screeding
  • Vibrating
  • Trowel and float

The below video shows the final step in achieving the flawless finish.




We have achieved exceptional results on our concrete floor. The use of our very experienced and talented Concreters allows us to achieve flawless results in almost all our projects. Hard work and dedication always ensure the best results. For us at Buildcom the best result is On Time. On Budget. On Point.

Commercial construction perth

The Bunbury Toolmart project is ahead of schedule. The client is impressed with the outcome to date and we look forward to handing this over shortly.