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Commercial Passenger Lift

Commercial Passenger Lift

Industry: Commercial
Location: Bibra Lake
Square Metres: 968m2
Project Length: Installed in 1 day
Value of Construction:
Project Description:


Our client required a passenger lift to be installed within their training facility to gain access to the first floor training rooms.


Customised Solution:


Buildcom installed a 5 person (400kg) passenger lift to this facility due to the foot traffic and also to allow for disability access and easy usability of the upper floor.

During the construction phase, a lift shaft was created to allow for the installation. Shaft dimensions on this project were 1550mm x 1760mm to allow for car dimensions of 1100mm x 1400mm x 2310mm. All hall and overhead beam penetrations were also allowed for at this stage.

A dedicated power box and phone line was connected prior to the lift install.

The chosen GMV lift also operates with two stops and travels at speed of 0.15m/s in both directions allowing for a quick and comfortable ride. Double automatic door, hand railing and a mirrored interiors are also some of the features on this model lift.

The lift is to AS 1736.12 and BCA 3.6.


Special Features:

  • Environmentally friendly (eco-fluid biodegradable and non-toxic)
  • Reliable
  • Safe (in case of a malfunction, automatic device drives the car to the floor and opens the door to allow passenger to exit)
  • Allows access for elderly and disabled
  • Efficient
  • Improves the flow of foot traffic
  • Stylish
  • Customizable interior
  • 10 year warranty




Buildcom’s client were very pleased with the appearance and quality of the lift installed. The workability of the GMV lift is simple and safe for all to access. Buildcom installed and commissioned the lift well before Practical Completion. This was completed in 2015 and there has been no reported issues with this chosen lift which has high use, daily, due to the nature of the facility.