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Each and every year Master Builders WA holds an annual luncheon for Women in Building and Construction (WINBAC) which is set for 17 November 2017, this brings about a good time to discuss an important topic in an industry that is predominately male.

As our world is in constant change and we are learning to be more accepting of people’s chosen path in life, there is no exception when it comes to women in construction. We came across a meme that may express how some people still perceive what a woman is good for, being in the kitchen.

There is still a misconception in parts of our world that there is no place for women in construction but that could not be further from the truth. Women are becoming increasingly involved in the industry, not just through administrative work but as Architects, Engineers, Site Surveying, Building Surveyors and Painting to list a few.  There are so many exciting and fulfilling opportunities in the construction industry for all women, and as a Building Company, we believe we should all be encouraging and inviting more to join the industry.

We need to continue to educate those who still have the misconception that there is no place for women on a building site. A woman named Holly Porter from the UK has done just that. Back in 2005 she established Chicks with Bricks, which is a proactive network for women in the construction industry. The more networking programs and high profile individuals within the industry that can show their support will help women come along way in achieving their career goals. Here we attach a video from a past event held by Chicks with Bricks, we encourage you to view the clip and share with others what a fantastic and uplifting networking program this really is.

It is important for all women to know that they should never give up on their dreams because of other people’s judgements or views. There is a place for all women in the workforce including Building and Construction. We need to rise above and empower woman to be all that they can.

If you are a woman seeking more information on how to follow your career path we include a few links below that can assist you.


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