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Tilt-Up v’s Masonry


Tilt-up and masonry construction, what have they got in common? Which option has a better result? Well the advantages of tilt-up really do out-weigh those of bricks and mortar.

Let’s take a closer look at why.


Design Flexibility

The architectural designs are endless! With tilt-up panel construction, the concrete is delivered and poured on site. The formed up “boxes” can be an any shape or size and can be poured/ pumped quickly with ease. Concrete used in this way really does exceed the limits of brick-work construction.

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Versatility at a Lower Cost

Tilt-up panels can be enhanced using different methods, from simply painting/ texture coating to exposed aggregate, there are so many cost effective options.


Less Labour

The process of tilt-up panels requires less specialized skills and less man hours than masonry construction. It is a very quick way to create a hard-wall building that needs less hours of work and less workers on site, this in the end translates to faster construction times and more importantly, a better bottom line.

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Unmatched Structural Integrity

The strength of concrete is well documented and well known, it really is incomparable to brick. The structural integrity not only comes from the concrete itself but the fact that it is reinforced with steel mesh during the pouring phase.

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Excellent Thermal Qualities 

Concrete panels are very responsive when it comes to heating and cooling. Concrete delivers on energy efficiency which can help save on the operating costs of a business in the long run.


Less joints and more dense than brick, concrete is less susceptible to moisture infiltration. Tilt-up delivers a very durable exterior which stands up very well against harsh weather conditions and climates.



Masonry construction sees the need for scaffold and trades working from a height, whereas the tilt-up process is all done at ground level (initially) which is obviously safer.


There is a place for both in construction, but in commercial construction, tilt-up panels are the most cost effective, time saving and durable way to build a commercial premise.

If you are in the market for a tilt-up specialist, get in touch with us today to find out more on why tilt-up construction can save you time and money on your next development.