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The 3 reasons why.

Why do our clients choose us? Why do our clients choose us over other Perth based commercial builders? Why do our clients return for a second and third time?

Well, there really are so many reasons why our clients have chosen Buildcom Construction. We are approachable, transparent, honest, knowledgeable, committed and pride ourselves on delivering high-end commercial builds to all our clients (Not to mention the great coffee served every time you visit our office!).

Our motto – On Time, On Budget, On Point, which is really what we stand and work by. This is also the three main reasons why!


On Time

Time is money. It is that simple, and we get it. We understand that it is a big financial commitment when commencing your own commercial project.

The way in which we meet our timelines is through our network of trusted suppliers and sub-contractors. Buildcom only engages the most reliable and experienced sub-contractors to ensure we handover our projects in a timely manner. We also pride ourselves on forward-thinking and being three steps ahead of each stage, which ensures that we never “lag” behind.

Buildcom also provides all our clients with a realistic timeline of works so it is easy to track progress. On average, Buildcom Construction has delivered completed projects to our clients in a 6 month time frame.

On Budget

We often hear the word “Variation” pop as being one of the main concerns among clients who have come to us from previous dealings with other building companies. No one wants variations and cost “blowouts” and here at Buildcom we minimise the need for variations with our detailed Specifications.

Our Specifications are very detailed, clear and concise. Andy, the Director and Builder at Buildcom, sits down with all our clients to discuss all the details to make sure all parties are “on the same page”- so to speak.

There are no grey areas, everything that is included in your project is documented and agreed upon before any site works begin. Being honest, transparent with open lines of communication are all important from the initial engagement right through to handover.

On Point

Our projects speak for themselves. Stylish yet practical, compliant yet comfortable. Our clients have always been overwhelmed with what has been achieved by us, which is why many return.

Buildcom Construction proudly stands behind all our projects and is passionate in delivering high-end commercial projects in Perth and beyond. Our attention to detail, high standards and strong ethical values is why we are one of Perth’s most trusted and leading commercial builders.

Visit our gallery page right here on our website which showcase the projects undertaken by Buildcom or peruse the testimonials from our clients.

If you are in the market for a Commercial Builder, get in touch and see how we can help you.


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