Case Study...

Fire Suppression System

Office Warehouse with Fire Suppression System.

Industry: Commercial
Location: Osborne Park, Perth WA
Square Metres: 2250m2
Project Length: 5 Months
Value of Construction: $2,000,000
Project Description:

Buildcom Construction had been contracted by developer CGM Properties to complete a Design and Construct for a multi-national tenant. We designed the building specific to the tenants needs. Due to the high volume of Motor Vehicles being processed at the premises at any one time, a Fire Suppression System was required to be installed.

Customised Solution:

Fire Suppression systems can be quiet costly for any business. Buildcom and their supplier designed a cost effective system which we delivered to our client within the set budget. The suppression system included 280 exposed sprinklers at roof level, a water tank with capacity of 100000L, pump room with diesel motor LPW3-46, sounder and fire hydrant booster. We installed a concrete fire wall to compartmentise the office and warehouse to ensure fire remained to one side of the building. The construction of the office warehouse and installation of Fire Suppression system was successfully completed within 5 months.


Our client was pleased with the relatively short construction time frame. This allowed the tenant to obtain occupancy and personalise their fitout and commence operating their business.