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Chapter 1. Through the eyes of a client.

It’s 9.22am Monday morning, architectural plans in hand, you make your way to the big glass door, as you “Push” to propel yourself into the foyer, you are immediately greeted by a big smile. Full attention is given upon arrival. You state your purpose and that you’re a little early, but the “big smile” already knows your name and asks you to take a seat whilst she quietly makes a phone call to confirm you are in the building.

You sit on giant, soft, black leather sofa, that is doing its best to make you feel comfortable and you’re doing your best not to be swallowed up by it. You prop up some cushions behind you, as your gaze shifts around the room. The walls and floors are neutral, but even with the muted tones, there is opulence, an air of achievement, perhaps from the artistically-framed commercial building pictures hanging on the wall behind you.  The aroma of brewed coffee and freshly-cut flowers waft under your nose. It isn’t your first rodeo, you’re not sure why you even get slightly nervous. But as the few “waiting minutes” tick by, you notice the nervousness you had upon entering this space has diminished and you are no longer rehashing the questions for your anticipated meeting.

A cheerful but professional “He’s ready to see you now” breaks your internal thoughts and “big smile” leads the way up a well-designed staircase that feels like steps of excitement and opportunity rather than dread and the “I’m not sure about this” vibe.

You are ushered to the entrance of another glass door, it is invitingly already opened. An extended arm, another warm smile and another comfortable black leather seat is ready for you.

“Welcome, nice to meet you, please take a seat” “Can I have Jasmine make you a tea, coffee?” Jasmine. Yes, “big smile”, she probably did mention her name earlier but you were a little distracted to catch it. You reply with “a water would be great please” and what seems like before you could take a seat, a glass of water was within arms reach.

As you sit, you feel like you have met him somewhere before, was it is his face? Voice? You can’t quite place it but it is a familiar feeling. Familiar like an old high school mate. Your meeting begins and you catch yourself laughing and sharing a few jokes here and there, in between discussing your plans and the nature of your business. The 101 questions, which you were rehashing, are being answered without even being asked. He is showing who he is as a Builder but you also are getting an insight to his personal side.  A feeling of ease is present. Before you know it an hour has passed and your meeting is drawing to an end, but it in your mind you know it isn’t really the end. It is just the beginning because you cannot ignore your excitement at getting started and wanting to peruse this construction journey.

As you both stand to shake hands for the second time, you can feel a sense of trustworthiness, professionalism. You are happy. Happy that you have been able to communicate without feeling inferior. Your thoughts, wants, business needs have been discussed and you feel at ease knowing someone else sees your vision as clear as you do. You thank him for his time. He says it was great to meet you and hands over his business card. No pushiness, no expectations, just a way in which to contact him directly if there were any more questions to be had.

Making your way back downstairs, with a head full of exciting thoughts and a smile to rival Jasmine’s, you are confident you have found the right one. The right commercial builder to take on your next development. Someone who is transparent, who will keep you up to date with the process. The one with your budget at the forefront. A Builder who has been able to show his level of experience, not just through conversation but through a long list of amazing commercial projects. A Builder who is dedicated to standing by all the developments he undertakes and who will deliver them ON TIME, ON BUDGET & ON POINT.

So as you reach for the glass door to exit and thank Jasmine for her hospitality, your phone alerts you to several missed calls. You were too engrossed in all the possibilities earlier to even feel the phone vibrate. The numbers are familiar. They belong to the other two building companies you “short-listed”. Their calls are “follow-up calls” to the meetings you have had with them. You glance at the alerts and slide your phone back in your pocket and as you walk back to your car you think to yourself, “I’ll return their calls later and let them down gently”.


Stay tuned for chapter 2…